Frequently Asked Questions

  • Category: Delivery
    Q: How do I return goods?
    A: Once delivered and signed for, we can't take goods back unless they are faulty. In this case, your internal account handler will raise an RMA (Returns) document which will enable a member of our delivery team to collect the specified goods as agreed. Drivers cannot collect goods without an RMA. Goods will be inspected by our QA team and they will keep you updated as to their findings.
    Q: What happens during delivery?
    A: Please check the goods carefully against the paperwork provided. If there any discrepancies, please ask the  driver to record it on the paperwork and sign both copies of the document.
    Q: How is my order tracked?
    A: Our fleet of modern multi-temperature vehicles are all fitted with tracking devices so we know where your delivery is at all times.
    Q: What is Tastequests' delivery process?
    A: Our professional delivery team will deliver goods to your nominated delivery point, but must follow health and safety procedures. They can, on request,  provide you with a temperature print from the vehicle for your statutory compliance obligations .
    Q: Which day(s) will Tastequest deliver to my site?

    A: Once you have a live trade account, we will allocate one or more nominated delivery days for you and will confirm the latest time orders can be placed to ensure a delivery for the requested day.

    Q: Can I see samples of your products?
    A: Please contact our sales department. We will be happy to help.
    Q: How do I place an order?
    A: Our preference is via e-mail to or you can call us on +44 (0) 8707 663377
    Q: What is the minimum order quantity ?
    A: Our minimum order is a full pallet by temperature category i.e. Frozen, Chilled or Ambient.
    Q: What is the lead time for orders?
    A: For most UK clients, Orders Day 1 are delivered Day 5.
    Q: Do you export?
    A: We are happy to export worldwide. We can invoice in currency of your choice and pack on either UK (1.2m x 1.0m pallets) or Euro (1m x 0.8m pallets).Please contact our sales department for further information.
    Q: What is the paperwork trail?
    A: All deliveries are made via delivery note. Invoices and statements will be sent electronically.
  • Category: Menu Planning
    Q: How can Tastequest support my business?
    A: We can support your business with suggestions and advice on all aspects of menu and recipe design.
  • Category: Quality Assurance
    Q: How do you manage stock rotation?
    A: All stock is date controlled using FIFO (first-in, first-out).Delivery Notes will detail the Rotation (Date) of the products that are being delivered.
    Q: Are Tastequests' products temperature controlled?
    A: Temperature-controlled products are monitored at all times both en route to our warehouse, on site and in transit to you.
    Q: How do you ensure that your products meet the required standards for Health and Safety, Labelling, Allergens and quality?
    A: We have an in-house quality Assurance Department that undertake all aspects of compliance, including maintenance of the BRC standard. All incoming products are tested and evaluated prior to being released for sale.
    Q: What accreditation does Tastequest have?
    A: Tastequest holds BRC for Wholesalers and Distributors. We are also in the process of gaining BRC for Agents and Brokers. 
    Q: Can you provide detailed information on your products for my customers and I?
    A: All products have a detailed specification to provide all the information you require including allergens, nutritional, dietary, packaging and labelling information. Our QA department are available to answer any further question you may have.
    Q: Do you have a product recall procedure?
    A: Yes our systems provide for full batch traceability and recall.
    Q: Is there a product complaints procedure?
    A: Yes our QA team operate a documented complaints process which is continually reviewed and updated.
  • Category: Financial
    Q: How do I apply for an account?
    A: Please contact our Sales Department who will collate the relevant information and provide an account application form for you to complete. Phone is +44 (0) 8707 663377 or e-mail
    Q: Do you offer credit?
    A: If your account application has a request for a credit line, our account department will apply to our credit insurers for a credit line at the level; requested. They will notify you as soon as they have a decision.
    Q: What are your payment Terms?
    A: If we provide a credit line, payment is due the 10th day of the month following invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing. If we are unable to provide a credit line we can offer pro-forma terms.
    Q: How do I contact the accounts department?
    A: Our telesales team can connect you to the accounts department, or you can call directly on 0118 9309032 or email
  • Category: Opening Hours
    Q: What are Tastequests' opening hours?
    A: Our Sales and Admin team are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
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